Learn to advocate for farms in your local community!

Advocating for farms in local communities can help secure a position for Connecticut farmers in meeting the demand for locally grown foods in a favorable regulatory and business climate. 

This "tool kit", created by Connecticut Farm Bureau and the Connecticut Agricultural Education Foundation with support from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, is intended to help farmers.  Farmers must advocate in their communities for regulations, ordinances and tax reduction programs that help promote agricultural sustainability. Connecticut is comprised of 169 individual municipalities that all govern the business of agriculture differently. Recent publications and regional programs have been highly successful in educating municipalities in the importance of planning for agriculture in their communities.

New and beginning farmers, existing farmers who are transitioning or diversifying their agricultural operation as well as experienced farmers who want to encourage agricultural viability for their farming enterprise all need guidance in what steps to take to advocate for themselves locally. This "tool kit" is designed to provide that guidance and support in a user-friendly format.  (And soon there will be a WEBINAR posted here to walk you through the information.)


Understand how to use the tool kit and its contents!  View this free webinar!


For Students of Agriculture:  An abridged version of key points about Advocating for Connecticut Agriculture in Local Communities designed for use in Connecticut's AgriScience classes.

Local Advocacy Tool Kit Fact Sheets:


Agricultural Commissions

Laws and Ordinances

Tax Programs

Tax Reduction Programs for Connecticut Farmers � A Summary

Farm to Market

Municipal Regulations







Statewide Databases:

*It is advisable to consult with your local tax assessor or town planner for updated information presented on these databases.  If your town is not listed on these databases please consult with your local assessor or town planner for initiatives your town has taken, or should implement, to support local agriculture.











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