CFBA's 2017 Public Policy Priorities

Encourage the CT Department of Agriculture to be declared the lead agency to
educate, enforce and carry out the provisions of the Food Safety Modernization
Act (FSMA).

Support adequate funding for and continuation of a Stand-alone Department of
Ag, Adequate funding for the Agricultural Experiment station, adequate funding
for the Agriscience and Technology Program, and farmland preservation.

Encourage agricultural energy policy to reduce production cost and enhance farm
revenue through the implementation of on-farm energy production utilizing
agricultural virtual net metering.

Encourage the establishment of a farm natural gas rate.

Support legislation that would raise the quarterly threshold for agricultural CT
Unemployment Tax participation for agricultural employers to reflect inflation
and require 2 consecutive quarters above the threshold to trigger the requirement.

Encourage the establishment of a CT farm estate tax program that would increase
the CT estate tax exemption to an amount equal to the federal estate tax

Support the creation, development and expansion of farm-based wineries,
breweries and distilleries.

Encourage the establishment of a Livestock Care Standards Board to make
recommendations to the Commissioner of Agriculture and the legislature
pertaining to livestock care regulations. The Board should include experts in
livestock production from the University of Connecticut, CT Department of
Agriculture, veterinarians and farmers actively involved in production of livestock
in Connecticut

Continued support for policies that support CT agriculture: Full funding for the
programs specified in the Community Investment Act. Continuation of PA 490,
Agricultural sales tax exemption, Off-road fuel tax exemptions. Maintain state-only
jurisdiction for CT pesticide and fertilizer regulations.


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