Land Use and Resource Protection
The protection and maintenance of Connecticut's agricultural lands has been a priority of Connecticut Farm Bureau for many years. Public Act 490 and the Farmland Preservation Program are key examples of this effort. Farm Bureau strongly supports and actively works for local, state and national actions to protect our valuable agricultural lands without diminishing the property rights of landowners.
Public Act 490 is Connecticut's law which allows farms, forest and open space land to be assessed at its "use value" for purpose of local property taxation. As a means to keep Connecticut's farms viable, Connecticut Farm Bureau will continue to work to strengthen the utilization of Public Act 490. 
CFBA, in cooperation with the Windham Region Council of Governments, was provided financial resources through a grant to create an updated Guide to PA 490 in 2010.   CFBA invested months of effort to update this guide, and will be updating it to reflect technical "fixes" in PA 490 approved by the legislature in the 2014 session. Click here to view or download a pdf of the PA 490 Guide.  This is the type of proactive leadership that CFBA is known for-- providing a framework that is supportive of continued sustainability and viability of Connecticut agriculture.
Farm Bureau strongly supports the Connecticut Farmland Preservation program. This successful program enables farm families who wish to keep their land in agricultural use by selling their development rights to the state. Many of our farming members have benefitted from this program enabling them to utilize the development rights value to accomplish their goals such as buying additional farmland, improving infrastructure and transitioning to the next generation. As Connecticut's population continues to shift and grow, more pressure is placed on farmers to convert their land to nonagricultural uses. Recognizing that we have a finite amount of agricultural land, the protection and preservation of farmland is necessary to protect the quality of life that Connecticut residents are accustomed to enjoying.  Visit our Links tab for resources.
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