CFBA Board of Directors

2021 Board of Directors


Paul Larson
Windham County

First Vice President

Keith Bishop
Windham County

2nd Vice President

Seth Bahler
Tolland County


Kimberly Brockett
New Haven County

County State Board

Candace Benyei, Fairfield County
Wayne Budney, New London County
Mark Fonicello, Tolland County
Alex DeFranceso, New Haven County
Joahua Nemet, Hartford County
Laura Marek, Litchfield County
Walter Adametz, Middlesex County
Kies Orr, Windham County

Committee Chairs

Young Farmer Committee Chair – Rachel Holden, New Haven County
Women’s Committee Chair – Debbi Tanner, Windham County

County State Board Alternates

Jerome Mayer, Fairfield County
Kevin Blacker, New London County
Rosemary Hathaway, Tolland County
Colleen Auger, New Haven County
Tom Dexter, Hartford County
Ken Assard, Litchfield County
Peter Digioia, Middlesex County
No Designee, Windham County